Fantastic results at the Icelandic Kennel klub last weekend.
Judge: Kresten Scheel  Denmark.

-Best junior,best female,and best of breed was young 10 mont old female after ISCH ISW-07 Gildewangen Istan ,True Bliss Royal-Reina Excellent ,CC,BOB,BIG 2
-Intermediate female and Second best female was Gunnarsholts Trix Excellent CK (unghund) after Istan too.
-Best female in open class was Gunnarsholts Angelita Excellent CK after Istan also :)) Congratulations to all!!
Gunnarsholts Vanessa Istan grandaughter got Excellent CK, junior class
-ISCH Gunnarsholts Joop got excellent Veteran class (ISCH Gildewangens Viktor/Gildewangens Xola)
Kennel Gunnarsholts got HP for breeding group and best breeding group og the breed. In the group there was 3  female after ISCH ISW-07 Gildewangen Istan and one grandaughter.

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