Our Gildewangen´s Istan progeny really did fantastic yet again in Iceland. Istan was the father of best female 1,2,and 3!! Total entires was 34 german shepherds!

"Istan has been a supermale,lots of top offspring,lots of champs and winners, and
his guys and girls that brings his genes to new generetions as well on Iceland
and Norway.Bringing his top fatherlines and motherlines to the table.Lucky you
Disa, take good care of his blood."
- Leif Wangberg kennel Gildewangen Norway

Here are the results from Istan offsprings and Gildewangens bloodlines in Iceland

Junior Male
True Bliss Royal Roi 1.place  Excellent
(Gildewangen´s Istan son)
-Junior Female
True Bliss Royal Reina  1.place Excellent,CK, BEST FEMALE 3
(Gildewangen´s Istan daughter)
 -Intermediate (Unghund) female
Gunnarsholt´s Vanessa 1.place Excellent, CK
(Gildewangen´s Istan grandaughter)
 -Open Class Female
Gunnarsholt´s Trix 1.place Excellent,CC,CACIB BOS and New Icelandic
Gunnarsholt´s Senjorita 2.place Excellent,CK,res-CACIB BEST FEMALE 2
Gunnarsholt´s Angelita 4.place
(Gildewangen´s Istan daughters)
 -Working Class female
Gunnarsholts Queen 1.place Excellent,CK,BEST FEMALE  4
(Gildewangens Viktor and Gildewangens Xola Grandaughter)

 Gunnarsholt´s Queen progeny group Excellent HP

 Gunnarsholt´s Kennel BEST Breeders Group Excellent HP BIS 4

 Congratulations to the owners of these dogs and the breeders!!


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