Another great results for Gildewangen´s dogs. Beautiful Gildewangen´s Akva was BIR and Gildewangen´s Zoltan vas BIM . Our young star Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy did it again and wad was Best Puppy!  We had an breeders group and got HP and best breeders Group.

So after all these years the old man ,me is still going strong :)
I want to thank all the people that helped us at the show and special thanks to Tom and Thomas.

Congratulations to all and thanks for a great weekend!

Here are all the results for Gildewangens dogs:

Gildewangen`s Donna VV1
Gildewangen`s Don Carlos VV2
Gildewangen`s Cc-Cowboy VV1 and Best Puppy
Gildewangen`s Cicci VV2

Gildewangen`s Zoltan V1 CK CERT 1BHK BIM
Gildewangen´s Vax V3 CK
Gildewangen`s Akva SG1 CK CERT 1BTK BIR
Gildewangen`s Zaffi V1
-Again it was our young star  Gildewangen`s Cc Cowboy who was again  VV1 Best puppie.
-Gildewangen´s Akva also like before did great and was Sg 2

And this weekend we are also showing our dogs and we will put up the results after the weekend. Promising stars coming  there and we are looking forward to show some new dogs .:)
avd Hedmark ....Gildewangen`s Cc Cowboy VV1
On Saturday the results was:
The promising  Gildewangens Akva was (SG1) Excellent,Ck, and finished best female number 3 . Fantastic results for such a young female.
Gildewangens Zoltan vas V3
Congratulations to all!!

On Sunday the results was: (only puppies)
Judge: Gabrielle Petarinolli (Italy)

New promising  youngster Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy was VV1 in 4-6 month  puppy class. This is one of the most beatiful puppy from our kennel. He Really has a bright future this litle man.
His Sister Gildewangens Cicci  was VV2 in 4-6 month puppy females also very promising girl!

The proud parents of them are
Father: Rothco`s Ashan Kahn
Mother: Gildewangen`s Zaffi
Fantastic results at the Icelandic Kennel klub last weekend.
Judge: Kresten Scheel  Denmark.

-Best junior,best female,and best of breed was young 10 mont old female after ISCH ISW-07 Gildewangen Istan ,True Bliss Royal-Reina Excellent ,CC,BOB,BIG 2
-Intermediate female and Second best female was Gunnarsholts Trix Excellent CK (unghund) after Istan too.
-Best female in open class was Gunnarsholts Angelita Excellent CK after Istan also :)) Congratulations to all!!
Gunnarsholts Vanessa Istan grandaughter got Excellent CK, junior class
-ISCH Gunnarsholts Joop got excellent Veteran class (ISCH Gildewangens Viktor/Gildewangens Xola)
Kennel Gunnarsholts got HP for breeding group and best breeding group og the breed. In the group there was 3  female after ISCH ISW-07 Gildewangen Istan and one grandaughter.

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