Fantastic results in Iceland this show weekend. Our offsprings in Iceland did really well .
 Jugde: Horst Kliebenstein

-Best female and best of breed was ISCH Gildewangens Istan daughter Gunnarsholts Trix  Excellent,cert,Cacib BOB and BIG 2
-Best female number two was Istan grandaughter Gunnarsholt´s Vanessa Excellent CK and rez-cacib but was to young to keep it,she is only 10 mounth old.
-Third best female was Gunnarsholts Queen (Mother of BOB) Excellent CK
- Fourth best female was also Gildewangens lines :)
Gunnarsholts Angelita Excellent (Istan Daughter)
Gunnarsholts Senjorita Excellent (Istan Daughter)
Gunnarsholts Urma Excellent
-Second best male was ISCH Gunnarsholt´s Joop Excellent CK and Rez-Cacib 
 but he is after Gildewangen´s Xola and ISCH Gildewangen´s Viktor.
Gunnarsholts Primo Excellent
Gunnarsholts prince Excellent
-Best veteran was Gunnarsholt´s Izola with Excellent HP and was BIS 4 Veteran!. Izola is after Gildewangen´s Xola and ISCH Gildewangen´s Viktor. 
 Progeny Group
-Best GSD Progency groub Excellent HP was ISCH Gunnarsholt´s Joop with 3 offsprings and finished BIS group of the day!
Breeders Group
-Best breeders group was Gunnarsholt´s Kennel Excellent HP and finsished BIS 2 group of the day!.

Congratulations to All!!!


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