Finika´s Xo who is the proud father of our puppies here at kennel Gildewangens at the moment did really well at the show in Hamar. Finika´s Xo got Excellent 1 ,CK and Cert .

Finika´s Xo is after:

F:VA3 Ustinov vom Römerland
M:VA4 (NO) Finika's Leasy

Congratulations to all with this nice dog !!

We have Updated our Current litter page . We have at the moment three very promising litters.
If you are intrested in a Gildewangen´s dog be welcome to   contact us !!
Puppies playing with the kids :)

Click on the picture to make it larger.
We have very promising  puppies after Gildewangen´s Vilde and also after Gildewangen´s Latifa for sale at the moment, if intrested please contact us  or se more info here

Here a are some pictures of Gildewangens Vilde puppies at 5 weeks old playing in the garden. Click on the photo to make it larger. Enjoy!!
Our Gildewangen´s Istan progeny really did fantastic yet again in Iceland. Istan was the father of best female 1,2,and 3!! Total entires was 34 german shepherds!

"Istan has been a supermale,lots of top offspring,lots of champs and winners, and
his guys and girls that brings his genes to new generetions as well on Iceland
and Norway.Bringing his top fatherlines and motherlines to the table.Lucky you
Disa, take good care of his blood."
- Leif Wangberg kennel Gildewangen Norway

Here are the results from Istan offsprings and Gildewangens bloodlines in Iceland

Junior Male
True Bliss Royal Roi  Excellent
(Gildewangen´s Istan son)
-Junior Female
True Bliss Royal Reina Excellent,CK, BEST FEMALE 3
(Gildewangen´s Istan daughter)
 -Intermediate (Unghund) female
Gunnarsholt´s Vanessa Excellent, CK
(Gildewangen´s Istan grandaughter)
 -Open Class Female
Gunnarsholt´s Trix Excellent,CC,CACIB BOS and New Icelandic
Gunnarsholt´s Senjorita Excellent,CK,res-CACIB BEST FEMALE 2
Gunnarsholt´s Angelita
(Gildewangen´s Istan daughters)
 -Working Class female
Gunnarsholts Queen Excellent,CK,BEST FEMALE  4
(Gildewangens Viktor and Gildewangens Xola Grandaughter)

 Gunnarsholt´s Queen progeny group Excellent HP

 Gunnarsholt´s Kennel BEST Breeders Group Excellent HP BIS 4

 Congratulations to the owners of these dogs and the breeders!!

Gildewangens dogs did really well and again we had some great results. Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy did it again and is now both Svensk and Norsk vinner 2011 6-9 month old male puppy. Bright future for this fantastic boy. Gildewangen´s Akva was SG 2 Vice Sieger and her brother Gildewangen´s Aike got SG 5. 
Looking forward to se all these young  dogs in the ring in  the future :-)

Congratulations to all and thanks for a great weekend!

 All the results from our dogs here:


4-6 Months Male
Gildewangen`s Diablo VV2 Vice Sieger
4-6 Month Female
GIldwangen`s Donna VV4
6-9 Month Male
Gildewangen`s CC Cowboy Swedish Sieger VV1
6-9 Month Female
Gildewangen`s Cicci VV2 Vice Siegerinn


12-18 Month Female
Gildewangen`s Akva SG2 VIce Siegerinn
12-18 Month Male
Gildewangen´s Aike SG5

Today we had our promising future in the showring at they all did really well. Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy did it yet again and was best puppy 6-9 month old!!
Congratulations to all and special thanks to my friends Tom,Tomas,øystein,Geir and Daniel !! 
More dogs are showing this weekend and will we put the results here as soon as we can.

Good Luck all and have a great weekend at the  Norsk vinnerutstilling!!

Here are the result for our beautiful puppies today.

4-6 month female:
Gildewangen´s Donna ml4
6-9 month males
Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy ml 1 Best Puppy :-)
6-9 month males 
Gildewangen´s  Cello ml 4
6-9 month female
Gildewangen´s  Cicci ml2

VA2 N+S Rothcos Ashan-Kahn

Gildewangen's Qos-Qos
 Another great results for Gildewangen´s dogs. Beautiful Gildewangen´s Akva was BIR and Gildewangen´s Zoltan vas BIM . Our young star Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy did it again and wad was Best Puppy!  We had an breeders group and got HP and best breeders Group.

So after all these years the old man ,me is still going strong :)
I want to thank all the people that helped us at the show and special thanks to Tom and Thomas.

Congratulations to all and thanks for a great weekend!

Here are all the results for Gildewangens dogs:

Gildewangen`s Donna VV1
Gildewangen`s Don Carlos VV2
Gildewangen`s Cc-Cowboy VV1 and Best Puppy
Gildewangen`s Cicci VV2

Gildewangen`s Zoltan V1 CK CERT 1BHK BIM
Gildewangen´s Vax V3 CK
Gildewangen`s Akva SG1 CK CERT 1BTK BIR
Gildewangen`s Zaffi V1
-Again it was our young star  Gildewangen`s Cc Cowboy who was again  VV1 Best puppie.
-Gildewangen´s Akva also like before did great and was Sg 2

And this weekend we are also showing our dogs and we will put up the results after the weekend. Promising stars coming  there and we are looking forward to show some new dogs .:)
avd Hedmark ....Gildewangen`s Cc Cowboy VV1
On Saturday the results was:
The promising  Gildewangens Akva was (SG1) Excellent,Ck, and finished best female number 3 . Fantastic results for such a young female.
Gildewangens Zoltan vas V3
Congratulations to all!!

On Sunday the results was: (only puppies)
Judge: Gabrielle Petarinolli (Italy)

New promising  youngster Gildewangen´s Cc-Cowboy was VV1 in 4-6 month  puppy class. This is one of the most beatiful puppy from our kennel. He Really has a bright future this litle man.
His Sister Gildewangens Cicci  was VV2 in 4-6 month puppy females also very promising girl!

The proud parents of them are
Father: Rothco`s Ashan Kahn
Mother: Gildewangen`s Zaffi

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