Ipo 1 Kkl1 VA Gildwangen`s Cicci
Father: Rothco`s Ashan Kahn
Mother: Gildewangen`s Zaffi

VA2 Norwegian Siegershow 2013
VA3 Swedish Siegershow 2013
SG2 Swedish Siegershow2012
SG5 Norwegian Siegershow 2012
VV2 Swedish Siegershow 2011
VV2 Norwegian Siegershow 2011

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Gildewangen´s Pirol was VV2 and his sister Gildewangen´s Perle  was also VV2 in strong class. Gildewangen´s Cicci became VA3 !!
We also showed Marco Polo, Jaz , Kvicky and Isadora and they all did good placements . 
Congratulations to all and again specula thank to team Cayra for all there help !!
VV2 Gildewangen´s Pirol
VV2 Gildewangen´s Perle
Gildewangen´s Cicci became vice siegerin Va2 in workingclass  Female,Gildewangens Jezzi was sg3 i unghund, and Gildewangen´s Jo-To (longhair) was Sg1 and Norsk vinner!
 Super weekend , thanks to all and congratulations ,specially big thanks  to Team Cayra,
NORSK Vice Siegerin VA2 Gildewangen´s Cucci
SG3 Gildewangen´s Jessi
Norsk vinner longhair SG1 Gildewangen´s Jo-To

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